Creating a healthy workplace
everyone knows that fruit is good for you!

As far as corporate health benefits go, you can't get simpler and better value than a daily delivery of fresh fruit for your staff.

Five benefits of fruit at work:

  1. Adds value to your corporate image.
  2. Shows your staff that you value their commitment and they will feel appreciated that their employer cares about their health.
  3. Promotes a healthy lifestyle to your staff. Makes their food choices for the day a lot easier.
  4. Healthier staff are more productive and happier in the workplace. Meaning less time off sick.
  5. Excellent return on investment. The cost of fruit is comparatively minimal in a busy workplace. For the price of a round of drinks, you can treat your staff to at least a piece of fruit every day for a week.

So providing fresh fruit to your staff is a no-brainer! Go to our products page now to see just how easy it is to get fruit boxes delivered to your workplace and place your order.


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“The fruit is delivered first thing in the morning and of the highest standard. The fruit bowls are always empty at the end of the day...”

Elaine Paterson

Cambridge Broadband

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